Staying Busy in 2019

2019 is off to a busy start here at Distant Peak Productions. So busy in fact that we are just now having time to get the first blog post of the year up.  The breather comes because we just finished a video for a very cool company Full Circle Fitness. Kevin White has spent years developing his pain reduction fitness program, and after having spent many hours filming workouts, I am impressed with the care he puts into creating a personal plan for each of his clients and the results it produces. Learn more at (and watch the new video).  

We have also done quite a bit on the documentary since our last post as well.  We had a chance to catch up with Helen Raleigh, author of “The Broken Welcome Mat.” She is conveniently located here in the Denver metro area. As a Chinese immigrant who after many many years became a U.S. citizen, and a very well researched author on the subject of immigration, she brings a fascinating view of the U.S. immigration system and ways to change it for the better. It was a very thought provoking and deep interview, with beautiful Chinese calligraphy all around us.

Last week we met with Hans Meyer, an outspoken immigration lawyer here in Denver. He shed light on the reality of just how complex our system is and a how hopeless it is for some. He challenged us to consider that there is a system in place of our own creation which creates this dichotomy. Since we created this system, we can also change it.

Also last week we met with State Senator Julie Gonzales and got her view as a policy maker. We found it very reassuring for one thing that the people of Colorado are have such enthusiastic and driven people in its legislature. Our interview brought up creative ways in which state governments can move forward on immigration policy, while the federal government is apparently stuck in gridlock on immigration and other issues. Her own story of growing up near the border touched on many issues we as Americans are still talking about today.  I loved hearing that her family has been living in the Southwest for 7 or 8 generations; so long that as she said, “the border crossed us.”

Just one or two more  interviews which we are scheduling now and production phase of the documentary will be a wrap!