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We are deep into the process of editing our documentary, Seeking Solutions: Immigration. We’re excited to present the first trailer to give you a taste of things to come.
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We’re excited to be at this step of the process, and will continue to post updates as editing moves along. If you’d like to read more about the process so far, keep scrolling to read earlier posts in this blog.

SXSW recap (by Adrian)

SXSW 2019 was an amazing experience.  The precision with which every session was coordinated by the volunteer staff was incredible and the information provided at the session I attended was great.  I attended several speaker panels on marketing, immigration and variations on purpose driven businesses. Providing insights for my own business and good tips for my clients as well.

Big shout out to my fellow panelists Nina Vizcarrondo (our moderator), and Pilar Timpane. Theo Rigby was scheduled to be on the panel as well, but at the last minute needed to attend several sanctuary activities in Denver related to his ongoing Sanctuary documentary project.  He did send a short video of himself and Ingrid, a woman in sanctuary, that was shown during the discussion.

The panel was attended by people who are passionate about immigration and Sanctuary. (other panel discussions related to immigration had similar audience size). Also in the audience were several people from the Austin Sanctuary Network (ASN) and Sarah Masters and Macky Alston from Auburn Seminary. Their support was very much appreciated. Pilar described her 26-minute short documentary which is currently in festivals and set for broadcast, providing an intimate look at a mother and her family struggling with the strain of separation and the possibility of deportation.

Nina, Adrian, and Pilar presenting Sanctuary: Documenting Faith Based Social Movements

I described the videos I made with the four Colorado women in Sanctuary to help promote their call for immigration reform through the People’s Resolution. The conversation then turned to how the medium of video is an effective tool for transforming a situation that is by its nature confined, into a public platform. The hope is to inspire change through uplifting someone’s struggle and framing the conversation.

A story of the retaliatory actions against the Sanctuary movement by ICE in North Carolina was tempered with hopeful news in Colorado as a People’s Resolution created by women in Sanctuary was scheduled to be presented on the floor of the Colorado Senate on the same day as the panel discussion. For the last 10 minutes of the presentation, Austin resident Hilda Ramirez came on stage and spoke of her firsthand experience of sanctuary. And of course there was a little time for some good questions at the end.  If you are interested, SXSW made the audio recording available on our panel’s page.  

While at SXSW Polly and I caught a few documentary films.  Two really stood out in my mind, and now knowing how much time and energy it takes to make a documentary, I feel it is worth giving them a shout out.

The River and the Wall is a beautiful movie that follows a group as they travel by bike, horse, and canoe down the Rio Grande river while making the most concise, and well laid out argument against building the border wall between the US and Mexico I have come across.

Bellingcat: Truth in a Post-Truth World follows the leader of a new citizen journalist group as he and the Bellingcat group perform some very impressive investigative journalism, all using information available on the web. The catch: they needed to spend months looking for it. In my opinion, you will be very happy if you get to see either of these movies.

We were of course scheduled to come back from Austin TX on Wednesday when the bomb cyclone was hitting Denver, so we happily stayed a few days longer than planned in sunny and warm Austin.

Back in Longmont, Colorado we are busy finishing off some videography projects for clients, and are in the early stages of editing our documentary. Polly is also working on some coding and web projects, which she’ll have to update you on at some point.

Tips for where to shoot and what to wear for a video interview

What does it take to conduct a successful interview for a documentary film or corporate video?  Well, many things. For this post, let’s talk about the most impactful things to think about in terms of location and dress.  
When filming in a location that is not a studio, it is best to find a location that is free of unwanted atmospheric noises, like street noises, unrelated conversations, copiers, coffee makers etc. If at all possible, turn off the HVAC in the room during the interview. As far as lighting goes, fluorescent lights generally provide very poor lighting, and sometimes hum, so are best turned off. North-facing windows provide good soft natural light so if you want to use available light make a great choice. But for the most control of the lighting, turn off all lights and close the blinds and curtains, and bring a good set of lights. Finally, remember to unplug any phones and set mobile phones to silent and activate airplane mode.  
As for what to sit on, use a chair or stool that doesn’t squeak, creak, roll, or recline. If the interview is short enough, standing is a good option too.
The last big thing to think about is what the subject should wear. A shirt of solid color is best, or large patterns (typical flannel patterns are fine). Small stripes or other small repetitive color patterns like a herringbone can create visually distracting effects so they are best avoided.  Cloth textures like waffle weaves or denim are most likely ok, it really is the color patterns to worry about. A shirt with a collar is helpful to attach a small microphone. If there is a plan to use a green screen then on-screen subjects must not wear any shade of green (or blue if the screen is blue).  One last consideration is avoid any obvious third party logos being visible on the clothing (Nike Swoosh on breast pocket of shirt for example).
Most likely, the filming will be from the waist up, so pants, skirts, etc. are not a big consideration, but if they will be in the shot, the same ideas apply.
There are lots of other details to pay attention to, but these are the must haves. Good luck on your next shoot!

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