Crowdfunding kicks off!

Today’s the day!
We’re excited to say that today we are kicking off our crowdfunding campaign for our documentary Immigration: Seeking Solutions.

You can learn more and be part of the campaign by going to the Indiegogo page.
In the documentary we are asking: “What would a successful immigration system in the United States look like?” We are setting up interviews with people who have a range of points of view and experiences, to get a full spectrum of possible solutions, and to look for common ground among those solutions.  
We welcome suggestions for people to talk to.
We are paying for pre-production and production out of our own pocket, but we are raising money to make sure we can give this project the time and attention it needs to finish it up once we get back home.
Follow this blog for updates. You can also spread the word on social media with hashtag “#seekingsolutions.”

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