Images from the road – our second video post

Below is a video of some of the beautiful sights we saw in three of the four maritime provinces of Canada (Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island) plus Quebec.

Adrian writes: There is a rugged beauty to the maritime provinces, and the lure of the ocean is very strong.  But given the number of monuments to fisherman (and women) lost at sea, these waters are clearly not to be taken lightly.  The resemblance to the English countryside is very obvious to me and I see where Nova Scotia gets its name (New Scotland). Following the St. Laurence River upstream, we went to Quebec City and Montreal. Both are incredibly European cities and would make great vacations spots without going all the way to Europe.  
For those of you who don’t know, Quebec is the French-speaking part of Canada.  I noticed that everywhere in Canada, almost everything is bilingual English and French. In Quebec everything is in French and occasionally you can find a menu in english.  I won’t draw any conclusions or judgements from this but it is just an observation.

Documentary Update:

The crowdfunder for Immigration: Seeking Solutions just passed the 33% mark toward our goal of raising funds for post-production. We’d love your support at any level.
We will provide another update on our travels and the documentary soon.

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