Five Interviews in the Can!

We have reached an exciting milestone for our documentary project: Five interviews completed with four organizations in three cities over the past two weeks.  
We filmed interviews in Easton, Maryland; New York City; and Washington DC.  Thank you so much to Matthew, Estela,  Ravi, John, and Hannah for taking time out of their busy schedules to meet with us.  

As hoped, each individual provided unique viewpoints on potential paths forward for immigration policy in the United States.   Most of them were recommended to us from supporters like you, we are always open to connections and recommendations for interview subjects.
We’d also like to offer a big shout out to everyone who has helped support us along the way in big and small ways: from a random stranger in NYC who showed Adrian that his metro pass was backwards, to friends and family who let us crash with them for a night or two, and everyone who has contributed to our crowdfunding campaign.  
Projects like this are always a team effort, and we could not be doing this without the help we have received from each and everyone of you.  
We will now begin to work our way back West, and more interviews are in the works. We will keep you posted right here as things progress.  Also stay tuned for an exciting announcement about an upcoming event!

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