The South

Current location: Little Rock, Arkansas
High Temperature since last post: 75F in NYC
Low Temperature since last post: 42F in Montgomery, Alabama
Most striking juxtaposition since last post:  The Dexter Street Church where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was the Pastor for five years, just a block away from the Alabama state capitol building. Over the years, state government buildings have been built up around the church building.  The church’s historical building status protects it from being redeveloped. To us it now stands as a physical representation of the importance of speaking truth to power.
Since our last post, we had a chance to explore Baltimore with Tom & Nettie, have dinner with Susan and Greg, and get in a football game and one last sail with David and Esther in Annapolis and St. Michael’s.
After finishing up some interviewswe headed into the South.  We were able to visit Laura and her farm animals outside of Chattanooga TN, and see a bit of the surrounding area. Video compilation of that adventure coming soon!

As mentioned above, we took the opportunity to embark on a civil rights tour of the south focusing on Atlanta, Georgia and Montgomery and Birmingham, Alabama.  This leg of the trip was inspirational in multiple ways. We saw evidence of how much progress this country has made on civil rights but also saw examples of how deep the wounds of white supremacy are, and how much work is left to do.
The King Center in Atlanta was very moving, as was having the opportunity to visit both the Ebenezer Baptist Church and Dexter Street King Memorial Church, where Dr. King preached and protestors gathered.

The Equal Justice Initiative’s thought-provoking Legacy Museum and devastating National Memorial to Peace and Justice were to us the most effective at conveying the history of civil rights work, and the legacy of racist structures in the current system of mass incarceration.


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