Home Again

Current Location: Evergreen, Colorado
High Temperature since last post: 80F in Pueblo, Colorado
Low Temperature since last post: 30F in Evergreen, Colorado
Most Striking event since last post: Mountains!
After 9 weeks we are back in Colorado amongst our Beloved Community of Family and Friends in the Rocky Mountains. The end of a long journey is often met with a mix of emotions: relief, satisfaction, sadness, joy, wonder. And this trip is no different. We are tired from traveling over 8000 miles across 20 states and 4 Canadian provinces. And we’re happy to be able to rest in one place for a while.

We’re grateful that the trip was completed safely and with relatively few crises. And we’re pleased with the footage we have so far. But sad that the adventure has come to an end. That being said, we are looking forward to the comparatively short trips needed to finish the interviews for the documentary.
The simple pleasures of cooking for ourselves and our generous hosts is a delight. Plus as we travel around the Denver area, it is nice to not need GPS for every turn.
We missed fall somehow. It seemed like everywhere we were traveling, the trees were just starting to change color, but now that we are in the Mountains the snow is falling!

We have a couple more overview videos from the trip that we will post soon, and will continue providing updates on the progress of the documentary.
Speaking of which, we’d be remiss not to mention a last call to support our funding campaign, which concludes Friday, November 2. We’re pleased to have received the support of 32 backers. By donating now, you will get continuing updates delivered to you by email, get a digital or DVD version of the film, and other perks depending on your donation level.

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